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BARIS TENTE; It creates group synergy by bringing together its quality service understanding, innovative thinking and customer-oriented approach with its employees.

As our founder Mr. Hasan Basmacı said, BARIŞ TENTE still believes that its real capital is human resources in the challenging competitive conditions of the globalizing world. Investing in the development areas of its employees, BARIŞ TENTE has created a strong human resource that acts with the vision of “Right Person for the Right Job” in order to ensure individual development and achieve corporate goals.

  • Aiming to make a difference by adopting the principle of being open, fair, honest and modest in competition conditions,
  • Giving trust and providing support depending on the solidarity and sharing brought about by the business environment,
  • Thoughts are shared aloud,
  • New and creative ideas are appreciated,
  • Offering long-term career development opportunities,

BARIŞ TENTE is the right address for those who want to work in an institution.

BARIŞ TENTE Human Resources, the people it will include; chooses individuals who solve, apply, develop and who can say “we” instead of “I” while doing all these.


BARIŞ TENTE, the pioneer of the awning and shade systems sector, aims to be the leader in the country and abroad with its long years of experience. The ALL SEASONS awning, which promises freedom to its users, can be turned into a winter garden by closing the sides of the folding rail awning with Transparent Roller Awning or folding glass. It provides 100% water and air insulation with its superior mechanical components, runcover and waterblock applications.

BARIŞ TENTE, which has a very strong portfolio with its corporate works, offers different options according to the shape and size of the spaces. BARIŞ TENTE, which manufactures all its projects in-house, promises to provide unlimited service to its customers. The company, which offers Classic Awning, Cassette Awning, Sunline Window Awning, All Seasons awning, and retractable roof systems among its products, has been involved in many architectural works to date.

BARIŞ TENTE, Storbox awning, Cassette Awning, Transparent Roller Awning, All Seasons awning series, Winter Garden awning, Decorative Awning, Art Classic awning, Maxibox Plus awning, Sunline Window Tent, Summer House and T Model Awning collections, collapsible pergola systems operates in many awning systems with folding rail awnings, retractable roof systems, superior mechanical components, runcover and waterblock applications.

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