Barış Tente

Quality Policy

BARIŞ TENTE, who is a pioneer in tent and shading systems provides services to its customers in various fields, especially in transforming terraces or balconies into winter gardens using folding rail tents and folding glass, classic tents, pergolas, T model tents and decorative tents.

BARIŞ TENTE, who owns a very strong portfolio with the corporate works it conducted, provides different solutions depending on the size and shape of locations.

Barış Tente, has adopted as principle to be a reliable company. Barış Tente is a family, with all its employees included.  Along with its employees, it is responsible for creating, implementing and improving quality standards with team spirit.

Barış Tente, fulfils its duties in order to contribute to the development of the sector and the society. Its vision is to work to become a leader in the sector.

The services provided by Barış Tente are unlimited. The service provided includes directing, informing and providing solutions to the customer about the issues related to our sector and to look after the problems of the customers. Measuring customer satisfaction and the assessment of the expectations of the customer are regarded as a source of knowledge for future improvements.

Barış Tente, adopts preventive measures before the errors occur, instead of fixing them after they have occurred and makes constant improvements in order to serve its customers better.


Barış Tente, takes the necessary measures for its staff to feel secure and proud of their company and provides the required resources, especially the ones that are for training purposes.


In order to provide better services to its customers, Barış Tente, keeps up with all the technologic and modern innovations and implements them within the bounds of possibility.

BARIŞ TENTE is active in providing many tent systems with sliding pergola systems, folding rail tents, folding roofs, superior mechanical components, runcover and waterblock applications within Storbox tent, Cassette Tent, Transparent Store tent, Winter Garden tent, Decorative Tent, Art Classic Tent, Maxibox Plus tent, Sunline Window Tent, Summer House and T Model Tent collections.

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