Barış Tente

Our Vision

BARIŞ TENTE, protects many products and outdoors from sunlight, wind and rain, making these places livable. Sliding pergola tent systems, sliding roof systems and special tensioning systems make it usable in all kinds of weather conditions. Also, folding rail tent can be transformed into a winter garden by covering the sides with folding glass. In that context, Barış Tente, who promises freedom to its users, aims for the following;

• Providing a quality and valuable service to the customers that exceeds their expectations by ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

• By being on their sides after service, ensuring employer and customer loyalty.

• Maintaining corporate growth, being the national leader and being in demand internationally by improving its competitive abilities in the international market.

• Improving the quality and capabilities of our employees.

• Acting in accordance with our social responsibility.



Barış tent and shading systems, who promises freedom to its customers, is active in providing many tent systems with sliding pergola systems, folding rail tents, folding roofs, Storbox tent, Cassette Tent, Transparent Store tent, All Seasons tent system, Winter Garden tent, Decorative Tent, Maxibox Plus tent, T Sunline Window T Model tent, Sunline Window tent, Summer House collections and many other tent types. Barış Tente provides different tent selections, depending on the size and shape of locations. Barış Tente, who manufactures all its projects on its own, promises unlimited service to its customers.

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