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Subject of Technical Specification: BERALUX & BAXIS Bioclimatic Pergola & Ceiling System
Product Reference: BERALUX & BERALUX Baxis with its adjustable angled sunshade panels is a bioclimatic pergola and ceiling system that creates distinction in outdoor living spaces with its functional performance. The system has Dimmer Integrated Led Strip and RGB Led Lighting options. Dimmer Integrated Led Strip Lighting provides an aesthetic appearance to the environment.

I – System Features
• Thanks to the built-in motor mechanism, the sunshade panels can be adjusted according to the light intensity with the maximum option up to 110 °, the endless color transformation in the RGB Led Lighting option can be moved with the function and silent performance,
• Remote control for system and lighting,
• Option to adjust light intensity with dimmer,
• Production with electrostatic powder painting technique,
• High quality extruded aluminum (6063 alloy),
• High quality stainless steel connection apparatus (316 quality),
• Thermal insulation (polyurethane, LV20) that can be integrated into sunshades,
• In addition to all RAL paint options, special texture and exclusive color alternatives,
• Optionally, vertical movable glass closing, vertical zip curtain or sliding glass systems controlled by remote control can be integrated around the system.
• Production in CE and ISO standards.

II – General Technical Specifications
• Stainless steel connectors are highly resistant to oxidation.
• With the special gutter channels in the sunshades, the rain water is directly transferred to the main gutter surrounding the product, while isolation is ensured by the special wick system extending along the sunshades.
• The polyurethane insulation option that can be integrated into the sunshades prevents heat loss and provides sound insulation (LV20).
• The desired light intensity can be provided in large areas with Dimmer Integrated Led Strip and RGB Led Lighting options integrated into the system.

III – Technical Details
a. Carrier Construction
• BAXIS System is implemented in modules of maximum 4500x8000mm.
• BERALUX System is implemented in modules of maximum 4000x6000mm.
• System construction is aluminum, optional additional carrier construction is electro galvanized steel.
• System mounting options; connection to the wall, fixing the system poles to the ground or integrated into the existing construction.
• System profile section dimensions:
– Carrier rail 240x160mmx3mm
– Front strut 160mmx160mmx3mm
– Solar shading panel 206mmx50mmx1,8mm (LV 15 version)
– Solar shading panel 261mmx60mmx2mm (LV 20 version)
– Groove 240x160mmx3mm
• Optional structural steel construction dimensions are determined according to the project details.

b. Automation Systems:
• System operation is provided by Concens brand linear activator.
• Automation system providing Dimmer Integrated Led Strip and RGB Led Lighting control is Italian origin Teleco brand.

c. Ceiling System Mechanism:
• Water is discharged through the rain gutter integrated into the front beams.
• While connecting apparatus, bolts and pins made of stainless steel increase the resistance of the system against oxidation, they extend the life of the system mechanism by ensuring efficient operation.
• Polyurethane foam optionally integrated into sunshades provides heat and sound insulation (LV20).

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